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MoBuzy content monetization platform provides the most engaging way to monetize your mobile app… even if your app has no existing content!


Higher than average eCPM

Our Intelligent Content Serving system (ICS) controls the content that is served to your users. ICSS creates a perfect blend of high audience affinity topics and high yield topics which ensures higher monetization without compromising user engagement. We consider various parameters before serving content to your users.

  • Audience topic affinity and engagement history.
  • Earnings history across various genres of content.
  • Industry advertising money distribution.


Achieve high user engagement.

Higher user engagement not only means happier users but also healthy metrics like time spent on the app, more launches, more repeat visitors. These metrics give you an edge over the competition on engagement tracking platforms. Also, more page views mean more revenue eventually.


Transparency and Prompt payments

MoBuzy operates at the highest levels of business ethics and transparency. We share reports as they are and, as far as possible, from third-party sources directly. Our partners vouch for our timely payments.

How does it work?

Fastest Growing Monetization Platform

With MoBuzy you don’t need to have content on your app. Join MoBuzy to monetize your app without annoying your users.




Month-on-month growth


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About Us

MoBuzy stands for “Monetization Busy” and that’s what we excel at MoBuzy. Starting in the late 2020s, we have been able to expand our footprint quickly to multiple geographies due to our fair policies and our proprietary content monetization algorithms.